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Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey in "Dead Water," where danger lurks beneath the surface. When a remote Alaskan lake becomes a haunting graveyard for life, an elite team springs into action.


Led by former Marine Captain Richard Starr and the unstoppable Sgt. Marvin Styles, this special civilian 'Black Ops' group faces their most perilous mission yet. As they race against time and rival agencies, their unique skills are put to the ultimate test.


With catastrophic events shaking the nation to its core, the team must defy all odds to uncover the truth behind the toxic terror. In a battle against an unimaginable bioterrorist weapon, they fight to save not only aquatic life but the very fabric of our world.


Get ready for heart-stopping suspense, jaw-dropping twists, and a race against the clock that will leave you breathless. Join the fight in "Dead Water," where every second counts and the stakes couldn't be higher.

4.6 Ratings on Amazon ★★★★★ (370 Verified Reviews)

4.5 Ratings on Good Reads ★★★★★ (123 Verified Reviews)

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