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In "Relentless Pursuit," George Wilson is jolted by a cryptic message from Chief Carleton Olds of Bar Harbor, Maine. Their last encounter had been explosive, with Olds threatening George's partner, Jonathan Steele. The Chief's urgent plea leads them to the shocking discovery that his granddaughter, Lyn Watson, has vanished. Ignoring unresponsive local authorities, George and Jonathan take matters into their own hands.


Meeting Chief Olds, they learn Lyn's passion for sport bikes, spurring them to investigate further. Their resolve is deepened by Jonathan's own tragic experience—a niece's disappearance. Following Lyn's trail through her workplace and favored hangouts, they uncover a responsible young woman trapped in a sinister plot.


A lead takes them to the Russian Stronoff brothers by Moosehead Lake. Digging deeper, they unravel a web of criminality linked to the wealthy Viktor Stronoff. Suspecting human trafficking, they hatch a daring plan to expose the truth.


Their journey brings them to the Stronoff estate, revealing a hidden prison where Lyn and others suffer. Their intervention sparks a high-stakes showdown, pitting them against the ruthless Stronoff family and sadistic guards. Jon's bravery buys time for George to rescue the captives.


Though Lyn is saved and captors detained, vengeance looms, plunging George and Jon into a battle for survival. As they peel back layers of depravity, loyalties are tested, sacrifices made, and a race against time ensues to protect loved ones and dismantle the Stronoff empire.


"Relentless Pursuit" is a heart-pounding thriller that delves into the unwavering quest for justice. Against a backdrop of relentless action, themes of resilience, friendship, and the fight for truth take center stage.

4.8 Ratings on Amazon ★★★★★ (36 Verified Reviews)

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